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// Texts added in site (English)
$en_csite = array(
  'create_tables'=>'<h4>The "%s" table was created</h4>',
  'code'=>'Code: ',
  'name'=>'Name: ',
  'pass'=>'Password: ',
  'site'=>'Your website: ',
  'delsel'=>'Delete selected',
  'delfile'=>' - succesfully deleted',
  'eror_pass'=>'Incorrect password',
  'eror_email'=>'Add a correct e-mail address',
  'eror_codev'=>'Incorrect verification code',
  'eror_delfile'=>'Unable to delete the file: ',
    'construct'=>'The argument in accesing the class must be an Array',
    'setconn'=>'Unable to connect to MySQL: ',
    'sqlexecute'=>'Can`t execute the sql query',
    'upext'=>'Error: The file %s has not an allowed extension type',
    'upmaxsize'=>'Error: The file %s exceeds the allowed size %s KB',
    'upimgwh'=>'Error: image width and height must be maximum %s x %s',
    'upfiledb'=>'Error: The file path could not be added in database: ',
    'upfile'=>'Error: Unable to Upload the file: %s'
    'allowcmm'=>'To add comments you must be logged in',
    'nocomm'=>'No comments, be the first who add',
    'addurl'=>'Add URL address (without http://)',
    'addcomm'=>'Add Comment',
    'fcamail'=>'Notify me when new comment',
    'fcupimg'=>'Optional, include a picture (<i>maximum %s kb</i>)',
    'fcshowmail'=>'Display my e-mail',
    'nrchrtxt'=>'Remaining characters: ',
    'fccoment'=>'Write your comment (<span id="countdown">Maximum 600 characters</span>)',
    'codevc'=>'Add this verification code: ',
    'jsadd'=>'Thank you %s \\n Your comment was added.',
    'jsmodify'=>'The comment succesfully modified',
    'jsdelete'=>'Comment(s) succesfully deleted',
    'notifysub'=>'New comment added on %s',
    'delcomm'=>'<u>The Comments will be deleted without possibility of recovery</u><br/>
      For confirmation, add the administrator password.',
      Email sent from %s <br/>
      You received this mail because you post a comment on the website %s , and you have requested notification by e-mail when new comments are added.<br/>
      You can see the new comment on the page: %s .<br/><br/><br/>
      If you want to not receive other notifications when new comments are added on that page, to unsubscribe click on this link:<br/>
      %s , or copy and access it in your browser.<br/><br/>
      If you want, visit <a href="http://www.coursesweb.net">www.coursesweb.net</a><br/><br/>
      <i>With respect,<br/>
    'unstitl'=>'Unsubscribe notification on new comments',
    'unsmsg'=>'To unsubscribe, add your e-mail address',
    'unsubscribe'=>'Succesfully unsubscribed',
    'noreset'=>'No new comments after the last reset',
    'lastreset'=>'Last reset was done on the comment added on',
    'newcomm'=>'Latest Comments Posted',
    'newcommad'=>'Since then were added the following comments:',
    'resetdt'=>'Reset date of the last check',
    'eror_form'=>'Not all form fields are received',
    'eror_sesadd'=>'You already added a comment in the last 5 minutes',
    'eror_name'=>'The Name must contain between 3 and 32 characters. \n Only letters, numbers, - and _',
    'eror_coment'=>'The comment must contain between 5 and 600 characters (including the tags)',
    'eror_logadmin'=>'Incorrect admin Name or Password',
    'eror_maxchrtxt'=>'You can add maximum 600 characters',
    'eror_urlformat'=>'Incorrect URL address.\n Add an URL address without http:// \n Ex.: www.coursesweb.net/ajax',
    'eror_modify'=>'Unable to modify the comment, ',
    'eror_delete'=>'Unable to delete the comments in database, ',
    'eror_selcmm'=>'Not selected comments to delete',
    'eror_resetcheck'=>'Resetting time of the last check failed',
    'eror_sesunsub'=>'You already unsubscribed',
    'eror_unsubscribe'=>'Incorrect ID or e-mail for unsubscribe',
    'eror_unsub'=>'Error on update data for Unsubscribe notification'

// Sets an json object for JavaScript with text messages according to language set
function jscTexts($clsite) {
  // define the JavaScript json object
$ctexts = 'var ctexts = {

  return "<script type=\"text/javascript\">\r\n".
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