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        -easy usage
        -Just create a new object classListbox
        -Dont forget to set the name when creating the object. this name
         is the name of the <select>
        -In the set_query method you should send the query and the primary key
         or the id you use to identify each register
        -dont forget to add this primary key to the select query ex:
         if your key is "productID" and you want to get the "productname", your
         query should look like this:
             $object->setquery("selet productname,productID from products","productID")
        -have fun!
        -You can make the page refresh th data by doing a submit by using the
         $object->set_postback("true") or disable it by using $object->set_postback("false")
         just like in asp.net
        -Each time you chage the selected value from the listbox a submit event is call
         to refresh the content of the item if set_postback is set to "true"
        -to avoid submitting the form you can modify your form by getting a name to your
         submit button ...
         any questions: hide@address.com
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