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$lang['currency_symbol'] = "£";
$lang['maximum_searches_reached'] = "Sorry, we limit users to a maximum of ".$maximumSearches." searches per day.  However, any previous searches you have done in this session may be repeated.";
$lang['tld_not_supported'] = "Sorry, we do not not support that domain extension.";
$lang['domain_name_invalid'] = "That domain name appears to be invalid.";
$lang['no_whois_record'] = "This domain has no whois record.  It is available to purchase!";
$lang['whois_records_below'] = "Below are the whois records for %domain%.%tld%";
$lang['whois_server_down'] = "The Whois server for %tld% domains is currently unavailable.";
$lang['close_window'] = "Close Window";
$lang['whois_details_title'] = "Whois Details";
$lang['please_wait'] = "Please wait while we check the availability of";
$lang['domain_available'] = "Congratulations, your domain is available to register!";
$lang['domain_unavailable'] = "Sorry, the domain you requested is unavailable to register.  You can check another domain, or a domain with a different tld (extension) below:";
$lang['domain_table_head'] = "Domain";
$lang['availability_table_head'] = "Availability";
$lang['price_table_head'] = "Price";
$lang['year_label'] = "year";
$lang['register_label'] = "Register";
$lang['check_another_label'] = "Check Another";
$lang['whois_timeout'] = "Whois timed out";
$lang['domain_available_short'] = "Available";
$lang['domain_unavailable_short'] = "Domain Taken";
$lang['whois_verify_human'] = "To prevent abuse, we ask that you verify you are a human below.";
$lang['whois_verify_button'] = "I'm a human, honest!";

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