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	ChiliGallery v2.5
	based on the Gallery Script of pawlita.de
	The script is protected by copyright law. All rights and
	copyrights are held by the author:
	Adam Pawlita, http://www.chiliscripts.com
	This script may be freely used and redistributed so long
	the stated copyright notices in all parts of the script before-
	hands remain. For correct operation, or damage caused by
	the operation of this script is made only if the author has no
	Warranty. Commissioning is carried out in each case
	at their own risk of the operator.


After you have downloaded and unzipped gallery please edit with a
whichever text editor the file gallery.php.
In addition, you can make further adjustments in the thumb.php and galerie.css,
Then the gallery.php, and thumb.php galerie.css play on your own web server via FTP
and copy the pictures into your gallery directory. Done!


The Performence the gallery is dependent on the number and size of the original images.
Especially the images come directly from a digital camera,
can often be too large and slow to build.
If the building will eventually go too slow you can edit the pictures with a drawing program.
It is often the images just save them as new. Jpg again to reduce the file size.

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