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<title>Chatbot v1</title>
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<table width="418" height="124" align="center" cellpadding="15" cellspacing="0" bgcolor="#6699CC">
    <td width="178" height="50" class="bt"><font size="3">ChatBot v1</font></td>
    <td bgcolor="#76A4D1"><ul>
      <li><span class="title">What is it</span><br>
          ChatBot is a fast chat robot/automatic autoresponder. <br>
          You can use it, fo example on FAQ pages with a large amount of questions/answers.<br>
          ChatBot stores all data in single csv file (no database needed) and has
        easy questions/answers admin interface.<br>
      <li><span class="title">Download</span><br>    
          <a href="ChatBot.v1.zip">download</a> (zip 4Kb)<br>
      <li><span class="title">Demo</span><br>    
          <a href="bot.php">bot</a>&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="admin.php">admin</a> (user:
          admin&nbsp; pass:
    <td height="50" class="top">contact: hide@address.com</td>
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