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When the work on project is doing in local/remote machines, and when files 
is changed locally - need to upload them to remore machine.
When project is 5-10 file, it is ok, but when project is 100 and more files,
it would be useful (faster) to have some utility to "extract" just changed files 
for upload them to remove machine.

For this purpose and was maden 'ChangedSinceFiles' small product.


Directory structure:
  changed/ - folder where is store 'changed' files 
  include/ - classes for work
  pp.php - example of script for work with project 'pp'


inside of pp.php script is set configuration:

1/ folder "source" in this folder we look for changes, 
  $params['source_dir'] = '../pp/pp'; 
  (more usefull will be make this link as absolute)

2/ folder "destination" in this folder will be stored changed files
  $params['dest_dir_root'] = './changed/pp';
  (will be created folder with name "changed-year-month-day-hour-minutes-seconds")

3/ the moment of "since" i.e. change files:
  $params['changed_since'] = '2004-08-04 00:00:00'; // year.month.day hour:minutes:seconds

4/ show actions to console:
  $params['debug_mode'] = 0; // showing log messages

for other project just copy this pp.php script, and change:
 - source folder
 - destination folder

And when you have maden some changes in project and need to upload to ftp
just set $params['changed_since'], run script and copy changed content 
to remote ftp.

Ilya Nemihin ( hide@address.com )

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