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// include the class-file..... 

<!-- following sample html file.... -->
<!-- cellroll_lib by hide@address.com -->
<!-- all rights reserved! -->
<!-- you can use it for free, if you don't delete this Copyrights! -->

<!-- init cellroller between head for most correct js output -->
$CR = new Cellroll();

<style type="text/css">
  td  { font-family:Arial,Sans-Serif;font-size:11px; }
<body bgcolor="#EEEEEE">

<table width="400" border="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" bgcolor='silver'>
	<td colspan="4" style="width:400px;font-size:18px;" <?php 
// call croll(OnMouseOver-color,OnMouseOut-color,OnMouseDown-Color) within a <tr> or <td>
// you don't have to define all params.
// see also the following calls

<tr <?php $CR->croll('#AED6A3','#A5AFB8','brown'); ?>>
	<td>fast and easy rollovers for rows</td>
	<td <?php $CR->croll('#AED6A3','#A5AFB8','blue'); ?>>or cells</td>
	<td <?php $CR->croll('#AED6A3','#A5AFB8','white'); ?>>Mouseover,</td>
	<td <?php $CR->croll('#AED6A3','#A5AFB8','green'); ?>>MouseOut or</td>
	<td <?php $CR->croll('#AED6A3','#A5AFB8','red'); ?>>MouseDown</td>
	<td colspan="4">&nbsp;</td>
	<td <?php $CR->croll('green','silver'); ?>>MouseOut has initial color</td>
	<td <?php $CR->croll('orange','silver','blue'); ?>>Click!&nbsp;</td>
	<td <?php $CR->croll(NULL,'silver','blue'); ?>>Just set color for Mouseout and Mousedown</td>
	<td <?php $CR->croll('yellow',NULL,'silver'); ?>>Just set color for Mouseover,Mousdown</td>

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