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include "template/header.php";

<table width=100% cellspacing=0><tr>
<td class=blue>This node of the CECID network is running CECID version <?=$version?>

</td></tr><tr><td class=dblue>

if ($state==2) {
   echo "<br><form action=\"$myname?newword=true\" method=\"post\">
      Enter New Word: <input type=\"text\" name=\"word\">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
      <input type=\"submit\" value=\"Add\">
} else if ($state==1) {
   echo "<br>Word Saved Successfuly.<br><a href=cecid.php>Back to CECID</a><br>&nbsp";
} else {
   echo "<br>$msg<br><a href=cecid.php>Back to CECID</a><br>&nbsp;";


//' // ASWS formatting...
include "template/footer.php";

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