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<td class=blue>This node of the CECID network is running CECID-PHP version <?=$version?>. Image support is <?php include("imagesup.php"); ?>. <font color="red"><?php include("$verchk"); ?></font>

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<p align=justify>If you have absolutely no idea what CECID is, <a href="http://cecid.sourceforge.net">visit our website</a> and have a look at all the possibilities CECID has to offer. Internet at work will never look the same again! Alternatively,
give CECID a go: enter a URL to access in the box below.</p>

<form action="<?=$myname?>" method="POST">
Please enter URL to access (must start with 'http://'):<br>
<input type="text" size="50" name="url" value="http://">&nbsp;&nbsp
<input type="submit" value="Circumvent!"><br>
<input type="checkbox" name="bw" checked>Filter Banned Words? <input type="checkbox" name="rm">Remove Banned Words Completely?

<a href="<?=$myname?>?stats=1">Script Statistics and Eyecandy</a>

<p align=justify><b>Filter Banned Words</b><br>
This tells CECID to scan the page against a list of about 3000 words and phrases commonly used by content filtering software.
Any phrases it finds are edited out, so they dont trigger any weighted-phrase-limit or banned word based filtering proxies.
It is a good idea to leave this feature on.</p>

<p align=justify><b>Remove Banned Words Completely</b><br>
With this function turned off, CECID will insert ** into the center of any banned phrases it finds, to prevent the
from being picked up while still allowing it to be read. If the page you're trying to access is still being blocked,
use this option, which will replace banned phrases with -----, ensuring that content filtering software cannot interpret

<p align=justify>CECID has finally made it to a stable release. However, this doesnt mean that the script is bug-free.
In reality, all it means is that I've gone and thrown a whole heap of new features in, tested it for a few weeks, then
released it. So if the script is mucking links, missing images, screwing up, misbehaving, or even just looking at
you in a funny way, head over to the forums and ask why. I promise that either myself (ptrck) or one of the of the other
developers will answer you as soon as humanely possible (which is usually less than a day, though it can be up to a week)
and the problem will (usually) be solved. If we dont know that a bug is there, it wont get fixed. End of rant - thanks for listening.</p>

<a href="config.php">Configure Script (admin user/pass required)</a>

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