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SQL scripts are in the "include/CalendarSolution/sql" directory.

To 3.7 (from 3.0 through 3.6)

* Run the following SQL script:
  * upgrade-3.7-all.sql


      mysql -u <database_admin_user_name> -p <database_name> \
      < upgrade-3.7-all.sql

To 3.7 *IF* Have Upgraded from < 3.0 and Using MySQL
* If your installation of Calendar Solution uses MySQL and had been running
version 2.1 at some point in the past, then the following SQL script is
necessary.  If this script throws errors, do not worry.  That means your
database is already structured correctly.

    mysql -u <database_admin_user_name> -p <database_name> \
      < upgrade-3.7-from-2.1-mysql-supplemental.sql

INSTALL.TXT "Adjust permissions on the files"

To 3.7 (from 2.1)

* If running PostgreSQL, table permissions will need updating.  See INSTALL.TXT, "Load the installation SQL script into your database system," "PostgreSQL".
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