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<title>Manual ----- Calendar Generator</title>
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<p class="style4"><strong> Calendar Generator &lt;gobinathm at gmail dot com&gt; </strong><strong>&nbsp;</strong></p>
<p class="style4"> The Class Can be used to Generate a Calendar Dynamically by passing the month and the year. You can also create the calendar, with respect to the Server Time. <br />
  <br />
Here is the Example create by implementing the class.. </p>
<ol class="style4">
  <li>&lt;?php </li>
  <li>require_once(&quot;calendar.class.php&quot;); </li>
  <li>$cal = new calendar(); </li>
  <li>$Month = 12; </li>
  <li>$Year = 1988; </li>
  <li>// Calendar For Assigned Date </li>
  <li>$cal-&gt;AssignDate($Month,$Year); // Required Parameter is Month and Year, respectively </li>
  <li>$cal-&gt;GenerateCalendar(); </li>
  <li>?&gt; </li>

 <strong> </strong><span class="style4"><strong>
 Line 2 :</strong> Includes the Calendar Class to this script <strong><br />
 Line 4 :</strong> Create an object of the calendar generator <strong><br />
 Line 6 &amp; 7: </strong>Assign Values to for the Month &amp; Year so that we can generate a calendar for that particualr month &amp; year <strong>(If You Pass '0'  &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;for Both the Parameter, then You can generate A calendar with respect to the server date) <br />
 Line 10 :</strong> Call the function which assigns the data <strong><br />
 Line 11 :</strong> Call to the calender Generation Function </span>
 <p class="style4">Active Link: <a href="http://gobinath.com/calendar/example.php" target="_blank">http://gobinath.com/calendar/example.php </a></p>
 <span class="style4">Alternative Download Link :<a href="http://gobinath.com/calendar/calendar.zip"> http://gobinath.com/calendar/calendar.zip</a></span>
 <p class="style4">&nbsp; </p>
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