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Cal Evans <hide@address.com>
My Homepage: http://www.calevans.com
Project Homepage: http://www.calevans.com/view.php/page/tagcloud
(c) 2006 Cal Evans, All Rights Reserved
Licensed under the GPL 2.0


1: Create a directory cal somewhere in your include_path.
2: Place TagCloud.php in it.
3: In your code use:
require 'cal/TagCloud.php';
$cloudMaker = new cal_TagCloud($yourArrayOfTags); 
// Set options here.
echo $cloudMaker->cloudOutput;

In the above example, $yourArrayOfTags is a single dimensional 
array of tags. The more a tag is in the array, the higher it's 
weight and score. See tagCloydTest.php for a working example.

You can see a working example on the project homage:

Email me if you have questions.

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