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require_once ('class.buttonmaker.lite.php');  //the needed classfile

$btn = new BMaker();		//initiate the class
$btn->format($_POST['']);		//imagetype : jpg,gif or png
$btn->text($_POST['but_text']);	//text to put on button
$btn->font($_POST['but_font']); //defaults to arial.ttf
$btn->fontsize($_POST['but_fsize']);  //defaults to 10px
$btn->textx($_POST['but_textx']);  //nr of pixels from the left
$btn->texty($_POST['but_texty']);  // nr of pixels from the top
$btn->bordertype($_POST['but_border']);	//in out flat
$btn->bgcolor($_POST['but_bgcolor']);  //background color in HEX
$btn->fgcolor($_POST['but_fgcolor']);		//fontcolor in HEX
$btn->Buttonmaker($_POST['but_width'], $_POST['but_height']);//width height
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