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Belongs to Script Name: Burning Auth V 1.0
Author: Luca Vignaroli
Email: hide@address.com

Burning Auth is a script to handle user authenticated access to php scripts. 
The goal is quite simple: protect from unauthorized access those pages who 
need to be kept under admin control, such as data/content administration and/or
members only areas on a website.

Security is achieved through a database authentication and mantained with a 
Session variable set to the authenticated user's name. Every page can be protected
including the file 'shield.php'; at the beginning of it.

Running this script is very simple. First of all you must create the "USERS" table in your database. Using MySql you can
run the Query to create the table straight from the included file, just using mysql Admin.
Once the database is set, put the 4 files given with this distribution in the same directory. After you've done that
you have to protect your scripts by adding this line at the beginning of every php page you want to shield from public
access: "include ('shield.php');" and you're done.

Please report any bugs to hide@address.com

Luca Vignaroli
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