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=== BungeeBones Remotely Hosted-Web Directory ===
Author: Robert Lefebure
Support link: http://bungeebones.com/blog/?page_id=334

Tags: remote hosted web directory, web directory, adsense alternative, link exchange, web ring, listings, 
free links, web promotion, SEO
Tested up to: 2.9
 Contributors: Robert Lefebure
Donate link: n/a
Tags: remote hosted web directory, web directory, adsense alternative, link exchange, web ring, listings,
Requires at least: unknown
Tested up to: 2.9
Stable tag:  stable 0.0.3

==Changelog == 
= Version: 0.0.3 =
*renamed "config.php" file to "bunbones_config.php" to avoid potential conflicts
*Added an optional dynamic header feature that adds unique title, description, and keyword meta tags to the head of every category and link page (over 1600) Not only is each of the 1600 pages unique, they are also unique to the installed website also and use user supplied configurations to make them unique to the website. The feature is optional and it does reuire some coding in the themes header.php page. Installation involves copying and pasting a few lines into the file and removal of four or five lines. The procedure is documented in the bunbones_config.php file.
*Added id tags to some images for better customisation and branding to installers website design
* changed rating star images to transparent 

= Version: 0.0.2 =
*Fixes Permalink Problem and now BungeeBones Distributed web Directory is functional with all the permalink options. It has not been tested with custom permalinks but should work fine with them also
*Moved the location of the two, small configuration settings at install to their own separate config.php file to make them easier to locate
*Made some minor code adjustments and got pluggin to pass W3C Validator (Note it validates at the top level but some submitted links text causes problems with validator)

= Version: Beta=
* Users need to be aware that this plugin only works under the default permalink setting. A fix is being developed that will hopefully make it available to the rest of the permalink types
* This script may not work on MicroSoft servers without serious coding. 

Upgrade Notice == 0.0.2  Fixed Permalink issue so that it now works regardless what permalink your site runs. Also added a "config" file so that the configuations at install are in their own file

Upgrade Notice == Added small amount of code to enable use of plugin in WPs installed in root directory (formerly required it be in a sub_folder to root)

A web directory on steroids

== Description ==

Provides a free, human edited and maintained, W3C compliant directory page for your readers, affiliates, 
advertisers, community or club members. Invite them to submit a link themselves on your 

Features include Dynamic Header Info (title, description, and keywords) for each website AND for each of the over 1600 categories.
Pagination of links is automatic, displaying 20 links per page.
category display is paginated also, showing 30 categories per page.
Category pagination also has rather rare "alphabetcial" pagination so you know what category names are under each 30 item page.

Listings include Website Title, a short description, link, address (where applicable), public and peer rating 
systems and AJAX quick nav feature for both categories and regional location. 

When your site visitors submit a link to the directory
on your site it is also placed on every other installed remote directory as well, (once it is reviewed and approved). No links go "live" without review, but with one submission they get to 
advertise on many sites.  The plugin includes the link to the submission form for the remote data base. Web directory maintenance is provided by 
BungeeBones free of charge. You just install it, relax, and provide quality web sites for your site visitors.

Premium listing opportunities (and revenue sharing similar to Pay Per Click) result from link over crowding and 
"pagination" pushing lower rated links further back.  A listing upgrade to a paid higher page position of one of 
your free link customers earns you commissions for as long as they are a paying advertiser. if any of your signups add a directory and make sales you earn 
override commissions on their sales as well.

BungeeBones is a great way to increase the SEO value of your site, and to monetize your web traffic.

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

= Where can I find out more? =

<a href="http://BungeeBones.com/faq">At the BungeeBones FAQ page</a>

= Where can I see it? =

A WordPress Demo is installed at <a href="http://advertisite.us/?page_id=29">AdvertiSite.US</a>

== Screenshots ==

== Known Issues ==
*Has a problem getting along with the sidebar in narrow templates - It pushes the sidebar down the page to the bottom

== Installation ==
Backup your database.
Backup your themes header.php page (located in wp-content/themes/whichever theme you are using/header.php)
Install The Plugin

From your WP admin panel go to Plugins → Add New

Enter the plugin's name “BungeeBones” in the search input (but without the quotes)

Click “Install” link over in far right of plugin listing row

Click “Activate”

Create A Page For Your Web Directory To Reside

Click Pages → Add New (in the left menu of the WP admin)
Name it whatever you like (something like Link Exchange, Web Directory, BungeeBones, Show Me BungeeBones, Links etc)

Somewhere on the page copy and paste this `[bungeebones_directory]` 

Note: You can place your own text above or below that shortcode tag.

Write down the page number:
You will need to have your page id number. The easiest ways to find itis to mouseover its "edit" link which you can find under its listing in the WP Pages control pane.
Click Pages and the Edit Pages control panel page opens up. Now mouseover the page name of the one you just created and that you added the '[bungeebones]' shorttag to.
That will cause more links to appear under the name. The first one from the right will be "edit". If you mouseover it you should be able to see the link information and it will have 
something linke this  - http://www.advertisite.us/wp-admin/page.php?action=edit&post=16 - IT IS THE NUMBER AFTER POST THAT IS YOUR PAGE ID NUMBER (16 in this example). Write it down, we'll us it in a few minutes.

Register, Login, Add Your Link, Get Your BungeeBones Link ID Number From BungeeBones.com (if you already placed your link in the BungeeBones Web Directory then skip this section and go to “Configure Your Plugin)

1. Go to www.BungeeBones.com/register and err... register.
2. After email verification, login and enter the listing details of your website (yes you get a free link too!)
3. At the bottom of the form, after entering the few items about your website (category, title, description etc) there will be a section for providing data (such as the directory and file) of where the install has/will occur. 
	A) If your Wordpress is installed at the “root “ level (I.e. to get to your first WordPress page you 	type just your domain name) then enter the word “root” here (without the quotes) in the “folder name” text box
	B) If your WordPress is installed in a subdirectory (for example 	www.your_domain.com/wordpress_blog) then enter the folder name (or some call it a directory also) as "wordpress_blog" (using this example and without the quotes)
	C) If your WordPress is installed at a deeper level enter all the folder names that are between it and the root level (example www.your_domain.com/wordpress/news_blog would require you to add "wordpress/news_blog" WITH the slash in between each folder name (and again, no quotes) 

4. The form asks for a page name also. You will need to enter your page name like this:  "?page_id=???" (replacing ??? with the number you wrote down when you created the BungeeBones page in your blog and, again, with no quotes).  in the page name field. In the AdvertiSite demo install, for example, it is installed on http://advertisite.us/?page_id=3. When I used the form I entered “root” as the folder name and “?page_id=3” as the page name.  There are some more fields there in the BungeeBones form but they are explained there as you do them
5.Submit the form and after a prompt or two you will get a success page that tells you your BungeeBones link number (it will be totally different than your WordPress page id number). SAVE THAT! LEAVE THE WINDOW OPEN WRITE IT DOWN etc. You will use it in the next step!

Configure The Plugin
Open the plugin file located at wp-content/plugins/bungeebones/config.php  with an editor and find the line "$affiliate_num = ???? (line 6);  

This four ???? must be replaced with that link number you got from step 5 above!. 

Step 1 – required 
Replace the four ???? with your own link number and save the file.

Step 2  - Optional
If your WordPress site is installed in the root directory you need to uncomment the line two lines above the last one that says this...
//$offset = -1;	 //uncomment (remove the two slashes) from the very beginning of this line of code IF you are running your WordPress install in the root directory. There are instructions there in case you are not at either level.

If You Lost Your BungeeBones Link ID Number
Login to your BungeeBones User Control Panel and you will have displayed to you your link(s) with the related link info. Towards the right side of the row are 3 buttons (Add Widget, Modify and Delete). If you mouseover any of them you will see your link id in the url (it is called “website id” in some of them). You can right click and “save link location” if you like, and paste it to get a better look

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