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This package includes the following installable components/modules/plugins:

 - component file (mandatory, try to install com_breezingforms_171.zip first, read below if you have problems installing)

 - mod_breezingforms_171.zip (optional, run your forms as module)

 - plg_breezingforms_171.zip (optional, run your forms within articles)

 - plg_mmfuncs.zip (recommended, mouseover functions for certain icons used in the back and frontend)

If you have timemout errors on installation of the component (maybe also a white screen) then it is likely that you don't have native zip support installed and/or activated with your php installation.

If you encounter this you can ease your life by enabling it in your php.ini or if you are admin, install it if is not already installed.

e.g. for Windows machines using XAMPP it would be removing the ";" in the php.ini


If you do not activate this, Joomla! uses an alternative way of unzipping wich seems to be a lot slower OR causes an infinite loop.

This issue is already addressed to the Joomla! dev team and I am waiting for a reply how to get around it properly.

For alternative installation method, if you cannot somehow change the php.ini, see the instructions below. 
############### Alternative installation (w/o the zip) #######

- unzip the com_breezingforms_165.zip and upload the directory within via ftp where joomla is installed (best would be JOOMLAROOT/tmp/ folder)

- then in the install panel, instead of using the upload field, enter the FULL server path into the second field (JOOMLAROOT/tmp/com_breezingforms_171)

- then hit install.

JOOMLAROOT = the full path to your joomla installation wich you have to find out first.
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