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 * This file is part of the Booby project.
 * The booby project is located at the following location:
 * http://www.nauta.be/booby/
 * Booby - Copyright (c) 2003 - 2004 Barry Nauta
 * The Booby project is released under the General Public License
 * More detailes in the file 'gpl.html' or on the following
 * website: <code>http://www.gnu.org</code> and look for licenses
 * Enjoy :-)
 * @package be.nauta.booby.plugins.bookmarks.lang
 * @copyright Barry Nauta
 * @author Barry Nauta
if ($dictionary == null)

$dictionary['item_help']='Click on the Folder/Item icon in front of the line to move/delete/edit a link.<br><br>To move a link to another folder or Root, <br>click on Edit  => Move => click on the folder you want to move the link to.';
$dictionary['quickmark']='RIGHT-CLICK on the following link to add it to Bookmarks/Favorites in your <b>browser</b>. <br>Each time you use this bookmark from your browser\'s bookmarks, the page you are on will be automatically added to your Booby bookmarks.<br><br><font size="-2">Please click "OK" if asked about adding the bookmark - code that "picks up" the address of the page you want to bookmark makes some browsers nervous.</font><br>';
$dictionary['modifyBookmarkPreferences']='Modify bookmark preferences';

$dictionary['locatorMissing'] = "Link locator has to be defined";	
$dictionary['showBookmarkDetails'] = "Show link details";
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