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There is no header information for this script. You can change everything. You can distribute the script or even sell it.
However, I would appreciate a link to http://www.bannerlessfreewebhosting.com/bobs-scripts/

if ($submit == 'Compute') {
	if ($compute == 'sub') {
		$day = $day - $days;
	} elseif ($compute == 'add') {
		$day = $day + $days;
	$echo = date($output, mktime (0,0,0,$month,$day,$year)); //This is the computed date

echo "
<form action=\"\" method=post>
<table border=0 cellspacing=1 cellpadding=2 bgcolor=blue width=300>
<td bgcolor=blue><font color=white face=arial><B>Compute date"; if (!empty($echo)) {echo " - Result: $echo";} echo "</B></font></td>
<td bgcolor=white>
	<table border=0 cellpadding=3 cellspacing=0>
		<td aligin=left><font color=blue face=arial>Chose date:  </font></td><td aligin=left><select name=month>";
		getoption(1, 12, date("m"));
		echo "</select><select name=day>";
		getoption(1, 31, date("d"));
		echo "</select><select name=year>";
		getoption(1970, 2020, date("Y"));
		echo "</select></td>
		<td aligin=left><font color=blue face=arial>Add/substract  </font></td><td aligin=left><select name=compute><option value=add>+<option value=sub>-</select>
	<input type=text name=days size=4 maxlength=4><font color=blue face=arial> day(s)</font></td>
		<td aligin=left><font color=blue face=arial>Output format:  </font></td><td aligin=left><select name=output><option value=\"m-d-Y\">mm-dd-YYYY<option value=\"l, M d Y\">weekday, mm dd yyyyy</select></td>
		<td aligin=left colspan=2><input type=submit name=submit value=Compute></td>

function getoption($start, $end, $if) {
	for ($i=$start;$i<=$end;$i++) {
		echo "<option value=$i"; if ($i == $if) { echo " selected";} echo ">$i";

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