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	   <p><font size="4"><b>Play Bingo!</b></font></p>
		if (!set_exists()) exit;
		else $numbercards = card_number();
		//The number in play is used if not all cards are distributed
		//If no number is registered, or if the number exceeds the maximum,
		//it is reverted to the maximum, meaning all cards generated for that set are
		//in play.
		if ($numberinplay=="" || $numberinplay>$numbercards) $numberinplay=$numbercards;
	   <form name="random" method="post" action="index.php?action=play&pagetitle=<?echo $pagetitle;?>&numberinplay=<?echo $numberinplay;?>" onSubmit="return validate_number()">
	   <table width="75%" border="0"><tr><td width="50%">
	   	<table border=1 width="60%" cellpadding="4"><tr><td width="90%">
	   		echo '<input type="hidden" name="letters" value="'.$bingoletters[0].$bingoletters[1].$bingoletters[2].$bingoletters[3].$bingoletters[4].'">';	
	   		if ($gimme && $drawmode=="automatic") echo '<font size=6><b>'.random_number($numberinplay).'</b></font><br><br>';
	   		if ($gimme && $drawmode=="manual") submit_number($enterednumber,$numberinplay);
	   		if ($restart) restart();
	   		if ($drawmode=="manual" && (count($draws)<75)) {
	   			echo '<body onLoad="document.random.enterednumber.focus()">Enter a number:<br><br><input tabindex="0" type="text" name="enterednumber" size="5" maxlength="3">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;(eg. B4)<br></body>';
	   		} else {
	   			echo '<input type=hidden name=enterednumber value="B1">'; //in automatic mode, use a hidden field with same name to avoid error msgs
	   	if (count($draws)<75)  //all numbers have been drawn, clicking the button would
	   	//make the program go into an infinite loop.
	   		if ($drawmode=="automatic") {
	   			echo '<input name="gimme" type="submit" value="Give Me a Number!">';
	   		} else {
	   			echo '<input name="gimme" type="submit" value="Enter!">';
	   	else echo 'All numbers have been drawn';
	   	<input name="restart" type="button" value="Restart Game" onClick="RestartConfirmation('<? echo $pagetitle;?>',<? echo $numberinplay;?>)">
	   	</td><td rowspan=2 width="70%" valign=top>
	   	<b>Number of cards in play:</b> <input name="numberinplay" type="text" size="4" value="<? echo $numberinplay; ?>">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="javascript:explain('Cards in play')">help?</a>
	   	<br><br><font size="-1">(This set has a maximum of <? echo $numbercards; ?> cards)</font><br><br><br>
	   	<? echo '<font color="#FF5555"><b>Numbers drawn so far ('.count($draws).' of 75):</b></font><br><br>';
	   	<tr><td width="50%" valign="top">
	   	<? echo '<br><font color="#FF5555"><b>Winning Card Numbers:</b><br> (New Numbers in Red)</font><br>';
	   		winners_table(); ?>
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