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require ("functions.php");

<title>Interactive Bingo Card</title>

<script language="JavaScript" src="scripts.js">
<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
<? if ($submit) {
		//the hiddenstring variable is passed automatically to this script
		//when the user submits the form.
		//the call to this function will update the first card of the 
		//previewpatterns set and resave the set.
		//the script closes the window also.
		update_winning_patterns($hiddenfield, $cardnumber-1);
		<script language="JavaScript">
	<? } else { 
		<center><b><font size=+2><p>Choose the winning pattern by clicking on the appropriate squares:</p></font></b></center>
		//the display_interactive_card() function also returns a string composed of all the
		// checked cell in the first card (0) of the previewpatterns set.
		//this string is entered in the hidden field
		$hiddenfield = display_interactive_card($cardnumber-1); ?>
		<form name="mainform" action="interactive.php?cardnumber=<? echo $cardnumber ?>" method="post">
		<p align="center">
		<input type="hidden" name="hiddenfield" value="<? echo $hiddenfield; ?>">
		<input type="submit" name="submit" value="Accept">
		<input type="button" onClick="javascript:close()" value="Cancel">
	<? } ?>
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