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/* Constants: 
* you can change these values at will
$date_lastmod = "1 July 2002";
$version= "Bingoware 1.3";
$bingoletters = array("B", "I", "N", "G", "O");

/* This is the maximum number of Bingo cards generated.  There is no theorical limit,
* but you should be aware that each card is approx 1.5k in size when the set
* is written to the Hard Disk.  Therefore, the execution time will slow down rapidly
* with very large numbers.  The set is rewritten each time a number is drawn.
* Ensure you adjust your script maximum execution time and memory usage in php.ini
* if required.
$MAX_LIMIT = 5000;

/* with a lot of cards, the script often exceed the 
* maximum execution time set in the php.ini file.

/*This next section enables a change of the 
* page title on-the-fly, by creating a link such as
* index.php?pagetitle=whatever.
* If pagetitle is left blank, the version
* will be used.
if (!isset($pagetitle)) $pagetitle = $version;
else $pagetitle = stripslashes($pagetitle);

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