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Please visit the following url for installation instructions: http://code.google.com/p/bible/

* 1  Download latest version of software via: http://bible.googlecode.com/files/bible-php-script-v2.2.zip

* 2 Extract the .zip file using a self-extractor such as WinZip.com. Once extracted you will have the following files and folder present:


(The Linux, Macosx, Unix, and Windows folder are all the same software. However have been bundled specifically for each different serving operating system.)

* 3 Log onto your server and create a mysql database. you could use another db system such as MSSQL but you will need to comment that in the data\config.inc.php file later.

* 4 Upload (import) the bible.sql file into this new database on your server. (This file will self populate all sql tables, etc.)


* 5 Edit the data\config.inc.php with your database details.

( This is an example: bible-php-script-v2.2\__WINDOWS\data\config.inc.php)

$dbName="Your Database Name Goes Here";
$dbUser="Your Database Username Goes Here";
$dbPassword="Your Database Password Goes Here";

* 6 Edit the index.php file and add your Twitter account information. (This feature could be a security volunerbility if you dont intent for other to post actively on your Twitter account. Best method would be to setup a private Twitter account to be used with this software)

* 7 Upload all file to your server in binary mode. ( I use Filezilla, WS FTP, or Cute FTP)

* 8 That's it! Please report any bugs to me direct. i enclosed my contact details below!

For the latest updates please visit: http://bookinthebible.com/bible-books-software/

Have a blog? Then get our Bible Reference WordPress Plugin at: http://bookinthebible.com/wordpress-plugin/

Thank you for using our software. If you need to report a bug or would like to suggest features or code, then please visit the following url and submit an "issue": http://code.google.com/p/bible/issues/list

Thanks for trying our software. More importantly, thanks for sharing the Word of Jesus on your website!

Best regards,
Jason Jersey
Chief Executive Officer
Qorporate, LLC
P: (772) 291-6153 x5
F: (888) 825-7747
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