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to test the script, copy both files (class and text) in the same folder.
create a subfolder called :

copy all the emoticons under the new folder (sets).

it supports gaim emoticons, yahoo! messenger icons, and phpBB icons that have a .pak file.

each set should have it's own folder.
I.E.: default set for GAIM should have a folder called default. the class will parse the "theme" file and return the 3 sets of smiles that are supported (default, msn, yahoo). the phpBB emoticons should have a folder, the system will parse each .pak file as a different set.

the class support indexing. Just use the function called
create_index() everytime that you modify or upload a new set, and the index will be recreated with the new information.

- added the possibility to have Yahoo! messenger emoticons
   just add the folder under 'sets', and add a file called 'yahoo' to that folder

Fabrizio Parrella
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