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09/10/2004 - version 1
09/20/2004 - version 1.1		updated the POST function
09/24/2004 - version 1.2		now is possible pass ONLY one authorization type
11/23/2004 - version 1.2.1		fixed few bugs in the authorization for PNP
12/08/2004 - version 1.2.2		added a more human authorization type
02/22/2005 - version 1.2.3  	fixing the retrieving error for authorize.net
								tested authorize.net
								fixed fields name
								added a more human authorization mode
								retrieving the authorization code from authorize.net
03/05/2005 - version 1.2.4		added user IP
								fixed some curl errors
								added a parameter for curl - CERT_FILE - path for the crt certificate
									(function set_crt)
								added phone e fax to the customer information
								added some extra 'default' fields for authorize.net
								added a better error report
								if a value is set to NULL, that parameter will not be passed to the gateway
03/14/2005 - version	moved the IP parameter from USER to CUSTOMER
								removed a debug print
								fixed a variable name
								cleaned code
03/14/2005 - version 1.2.5		added two more gateways:
04/03/2005 - version 1.2.6		added iBill gateway
								modified set_order function
								added a get_transactionnum function (usefull for some gateways)
07/31/2005 - version	added more plugnpay variables
08/02/2005 - version	fixed a bug for the expiration date when the card is only marked
								modified the succesion that the informations are POSTED to the gateway
08/02/2005 - version	fixed the shipping address
09/22/2005 - version 1.2.7		added paynet
09/22/2005 - version	added and finised currency
								added a parameter to force the method to use to process (curl, curl_ext, fsockopen)
09/25/2005 - version	new function set_valuta
09/26/2005 - version	fixed paynet charge only function
10/10/2005 - version	added function get_gateway and _set_gateway to retrieve the data for the gateway
10/17/2005 - version	fixed paynet cced extra setting problem
10/17/2005 - version	fixed minor problem with paynet and plug n pay
01/11/2006 - version 1.3		added skipjack as new gateway
01/25/2006 - version	tested and finished skipjack gateway
02/12/2006 - version 1.3.1		added more functionality for viaklix  (Nathan Hyde)
								improved set_error function to include the gateway error  (Nathan Hyde)

supported API:
	- Plug and Pay	-	finish
	- Autorize.net	-	finish
	- paynet		-	finish
	- skipjack		-	finish
	- ViaKlix		-	finish
	- iBill			-	needs testing
	- planetpay		-	needs testing
	- quickcommerce	-	needs testing
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