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	- general
	This class is for encoding php types to the bencode syntax and
	decoding a bencode string to php types. You need this if you
	want to create/read a torrent file or create responses for a
	tracker. For more informations about bencode goto: 
	I have developed this class for my framework psx <http://phpsx.org>
	but you can also use this outside.
	- description
	The following php/bencoding types are accosiated
	Type          Bencode                    PHP
	String        4:spam                     'spam'
	Integer       i3e                        3
	List          l4:spam4:eggse             array('spam', 'eggs')
	Dictionarie   d3:cow3:moo4:spam4:eggse   array('cow' => 'moo', 'spam' => 'eggs')
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