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	Copyright 2006 Gavin Bell 

	Set up an email form on your website within minutes.
	Very simple to install and use, and fully customisable.

	All you need to edit to get the script working is $sendto_email
	but there are other options so that you can further customise the script.

// Edit the following with the email address that you want the form to send to

$sendto_email = "hide@address.com";

// The settings below should be fine but you can edit them anyway

// Disable email addresses from the same domain as your email from being sent? 
// This will often reduce spam but will not allow antone to send from hide@address.com 
$checkdomain = "yes";
// Language variables
$lang_title = "Send an email";
$lang_notice = "Fill in the form to contact us by email. All fields are required";
$lang_name = "Your name";
$lang_youremail = "Your email";
$lang_subject = "Subject";
$lang_message = "Message";
$lang_confirmation = "Enter validation code";
$lang_submit = "Send email";
// Error messages
$lang_error = "Your email has not been sent, the following errors were found:";
$lang_noname = "You did not enter your name";
$lang_noemail = "You did not enter your email address";
$lang_nosubject = "You did not enter a subject";
$lang_nomessage = "You did not enter a message";
$lang_nocode = "You did not the validation code";
$lang_wrongcode = "You entered the validation code incorrectly. Please note that it is case sensitive";
$lang_invalidemail = "The email address that you entered appears to be invalid";
// Success
$lang_sent = "Your email has been sent. The following message was submitted:";
// Width of form inputs. Must include unites, e.g px 
$input_width = "300px";
// How do you want the title aligned?
$title_align = "left"; // Can be left, center or right
// To format the title text. If you are not confident with css then probably best left as it is
$title_css = "font-weight: bold; font-size: 120%;";
// Colour of error message
$error_colour = "red"; // Must use HTML compatible colour
// You can choose whether to display Powered by BELLonline PHP mailer script at the bottom of the mail form
// I understand that some peopme might not want to show our link, but we would appreciate it if you could 
// Possible options are yes or no
$showlink = "yes";
// Thanks for using the PHP mailer script, I hope you find it useful!
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