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Ban Control is a simple solution to control your bans of your website.
This script looks into the database for a ip number,
when it has a record the script will show a message to the banned user (you can fill in what to show).
After that the script will readirect that user to a website (You decide which one).
Every ban can have a different message and link, you can also fill in a reason for yourself to remember wherefore a user was banned.
You can easely add, edit and delete your bans in the admin area.
The Admin area is password protected (username=admin and password=password).
You can change the admin password in the admin panel.

Unpack and copy all files in the .zip to a folder on your server.
Make a mysql database (or use a old one).
Import 'db.sql' into your mysql database.
edit the variables in 'ban_control/include/conn.php'

include the file 'ban_control.php'

Login to your admin panel 'http://www.yourdomain.com/path/to/ban/ban_control/index.php' (username=admin and password=password)
Now you can change the password with your password in the Admin panel.

License Information:
This script is freeware.
Do what you want with it, but do not sell it or claim it as yours.
A link to: friendsinwar.com would be nice.
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