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<title>BabelKit PHP Source Code Setup</title>
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  Copyright (C) 2003 John Gorman <hide@address.com>

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[<a href="bk_schema.html">Code Table Setup</a>]
[<a href="index.html">Index</a>]
[<a href="bk_setup_perl.html">Perl Setup</a>]

<a href="http://www.webbysoft.com/babelkit">BabelKit</a>
PHP Source Code Setup</h2></center>

Read the <a href="bk_overview.html">Overview</a> and the
<a href="bk_schema.html">Code Table Setup</a> pages first.

The BabelKit PHP source code is in the php directory:

    BabelKit.php       - BabelKit class definition.
    bk_admin.php       - Setup for bk_admin_main.inc.
    bk_admin_main.inc  - BabelKit Translation Utility.
    bk_connect.inc     - Database connection setup.
    bk_demo.php        - BabelKit demo page.
    TEST               - Run t/test.t
    t/test.t           - Regression testing.

BabelKit requires the PEAR DB library or phplib.

<h4>1. Database Schema and Core Record Loading</h4>

Read and follow directions for
<a href="bk_schema.html">Code Table Setup</a>.

Load and test the bk_code table schema definition as well
as the core data records.  If you want to run the demo
load the demo data records.

<h4>2. Database Connection Setup</h4>

Customize the bk_connect.inc file to open
a database handle to your database.  If your application
setup has already opened a database handle, use that
handle instead of opening a new one.  The handle
should be set up to autocommit.

bk_connect.inc is used by bk_admin.php, bk_demo.php
and by t/test.t.  bk_admin.php expects the database
handle to be set up for autocommit.

<h4>3. BabelKit.php Installation</h4>

Copy the BabelKit.php file into a directory on your php
include_path so that your application code can require it. 

Run the TEST script to test the basic BabelKit class
functions.  This WILL FAIL unless you have completed
the above steps!!!

<h4>4. BabelKit Translation Utility Setup</h4>

You may wish to customize the bk_admin.php file to your situation:

Require and open a <a href="bk_new_php.html">BabelKit handle</a>.
Set the $perm_add, $perm_upd and $perm_del global variables.
These let the user add, update and delete codes.
Define the bka_sess_url() function.  Customize this if
you are carrying session identifiers in your urls.
Require bk_admin_main.inc and call the bka_admin_main() function.

It is fine to make multiple copies of bk_admin.php
to set up different permissions for different classes
of users.

<h4>5. Demo Page Setup</h4>

In order for the demo page to function, you will need
to load the <a href="bk_schema.html#demodata">demo data records</a>.

<div align="right">
[<a href="bk_schema.html">Code Table Setup</a>]
[<a href="index.html">Index</a>]
[<a href="bk_setup_perl.html">Perl Setup</a>]


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