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by Steph Gray, Pentri.com

Version 2.2

Version History
2.2 (27 Aug 2007) - Fixes and minor new features:
* Password protection for surveys on a per-project basis, accessed via the project settings
* Projects now restricted to AskPeople user 'owners' who create them, with new sharing features for multi-user environments
* Response notifications by RSS
* Revamped, easier-to-use project settings
* Fixed bug which allowed deletion of the last question in a survey, and then prevented new questions being added
* Enhanced security through better defences against cross-site scripting in responses (XSS)
* PHP error reporting level changed for more reliable performance in different PHP environments
* File locking on data files to help prevent data loss
* Response notifications by email now comes in embedded HTML format, with plain text alternative
* Maxiumum page width now fixed in Internet Explorer

2.1.1 (30 May 2007) - Minor bug fixes:
* Fix bug with duplicated projects, where missing datafile causes errors in Project Manager
* Better text clean up in reporting to avoid errors in counting
* New 'calculate percentages' option in topline reports to choose how percentages should be calculated, and reworded base definitions

2.1 - Fixes and minor new features:
* New dropdown menu type question
* New global setting to configure default question type for new questions
* New 'launch' option in Project Manager to help generate survey links and code to embed surveys in other web pages via accessible iframes
* New project status box in Project Manager, offering quick links to survey status, email notifications and results
* Tweaked stylesheets for better display on Internet Explorer (Windows)
* Developed code to support search engine friendly URLs under Apache
* Switched templates to UTF-8 for better compatibility with surveys in other character sets
* Checks question wording and options for stray tabs, which were causing problems in reporting and data export
* Addresses a problem for projects with missing settings files - a new settings file is automatically created when in the settings manager
* New default global settings, for easier upgrades
* Cosmetic changes to the colour scheme/stylesheet of the admin screens
* Improved usability through making survey title and template visible at all times when in Questionnaire Editor, standardising tab behaviour throughout the application, and rebalancing page layouts
* Fixed reporting bug when cross analysing with the last question in the questionnaire

2.0.2 - Minor fixes:
* Changes project settings for display of elements within survey.php (reset link, confirmation text, final submission screen message etc) for easier localisation - all respondent-facing elements of the survey form are now editable via the project settings
* New 'Duplicate questionnaire' feature for easier duplication of questionnaires
* Ensures default template can't be deleted
* Small fix ensures multiple projects with identical creation dates are listed in My Projects
* Adjusts default templates to allow for search-engine indexing

2.0.1 - Fairly minor bug fix and small feature release:
* Corrects a bug in the user management module under PHP
* Fixes display glitch when editing short questionnaires in IEWi
* Improves security of installer
* Fixes error when using cookies to prevent repeat responses
* Ensures users with access level 0 are suspended from logging in
* More pleasant toggle-style template preview and new template duplication feature
* Improves templates for aesthetics and accessibility
* Full help documentation completed at askpeople.co.uk/help.

2.0 - First public release of AskPeople. This version replaces all previous versions and versions of Pentri Clipboard software up to and including Clipboard 1.4, upon which AskPeople is based.

Please note that this software is distributed with NO WARRANTY WHATSOEVER and any support provided is at the discretion of Pentri.com.

I would like to acknowledge the help and support of users of Pentri Clipboard software, whose ideas and support have contributed to the development of AskPeople.

I also I would like to thank the following:
- http://local.wasp.uwa.edu.au/~pbourke/texture_colour/ for the textures used in some of the sample templates
- Laurent Baumann (http://ave.ambitiouslemon.com/) for his AquaBlend icons, from which the download icon used on the AskPeople website is derived
- http://www.aspneticons.com, for the icons used in the application

Please note that this software is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales License:

If you find the software useful, please consider making a donation to help fund further support, maintenance & development. You can donate online via PayPal at: http://www.askpeople.co.uk

Support & Feedback
If you have queries, please visit the forum at:
http://www.askpeople.co.uk/forum or contact hide@address.com

We are happy to discuss options for providing tailored support or customisation of the AskPeople application on request.

Thanks - hope you find AskPeople helpful.

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