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define('CHARSET', '<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">');
define('CONTINUESHOPPING', 'Continue shopping!');
define('EMPTYCART', 'Empty your shopping cart');
define('CARTEMPTY', 'Your shopping cart is empty!');
define('CHANGESHIPPING', 'Change shipping information.');
define('CARTCONTAINS', 'Your shopping cart contains the following items...');
define('QTY', 'Qty');
define('PRODUCT', 'Product');
define('PRICE', 'Price');
define('AMOUNT', 'Amount');
define('DISCOUNTED', 'discounted');
define('REMOVE', 'Remove');
define('SHIPPING', 'Shipping and handling');
define('SALESTAX', 'Sales tax');
define('QTYDISCOUNT', 'Quantity discount');
define('SHIPPINGORTAX', 'Shipping/Sales Tax');
define('CALCULATE', 'Calculate');
define('TOTAL', 'Total');
define('SUBTOTAL', 'Subtotal');
define('CHECKOUT', 'Check out');
define('SAVECART', 'Save/load shopping cart...');
define('LOGINORREGISTER', 'Login or register to enable saving and loading of shopping cart contents...');
define('EMAIL', 'E-mail');
define('PASSWORD', 'Password');
define('LOGINREGISTER', 'Login/Register');
define('FORGOTPASSWORD', 'Forgot your password? Just leave the password box blank and we will send it to you by email.');
define('SAVECONTENTS', 'Save the contents of the current shopping cart...');
define('NAME', 'Name');
define('SAVE', 'Save This Cart');
define('LOADCART', 'Load a previously saved shopping cart...');
define('LOAD', 'Load Cart');
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