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<title>ArZipStr Text Compressor</title>


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<div class="tabArea" align="center">
  <a class="tab" href="ar_example.php">Arabic Example</a>
  <a class="tab" href="en_example.php">English Example</a>
  <a class="tab" href="fr_example.php">French Example</a>
  <a class="tab" href="gr_example.php">German Example</a>
  <a class="tab" href="it_example.php">Italian Example</a>
  <a class="tab" href="sp_example.php">Spanish Example</a>
  <a class="tab" href="about.html">About</a>

<div class="Paragraph"> 
<h2>Compress Text Data Using Letter Frequent Information</h2><br />

      <div class="img-shadow"> <img src="images/thumb.jpg" alt="Khaled Al-Sham'aa" border="0" width="120" height="90" /> 

      <span class="FirstChar">T</span>his class compresses text strings into roughly 70% of 
  their original size by benefit from using compact coding for most frequented 
  letters in a given language. This algorithm associated with text language, so 
  you will find 6 different classes for the following languages: Arabic, English, 
  French, German, Italian and Spanish language.<p>&nbsp;</p>
  <p><font color="#006600" size="4" face="Times New Roman, Times, serif"><strong><em>Benefits 
    of this compress algorithm include:</em></strong></font><br />
    <br />
    <b><font color="blue">1-</font></b> It is written in pure PHP code, so there is no need to any PHP extensions 
    to use it. <br />
    <b><font color="blue">2-</font></b> You can search in compressed string directly without any need uncompress
    text before search in.<br />
    <b><font color="blue">3-</font></b> You can get original string length directly without need to uncompress
    compressed text.</p>
  <p><strong><em><font color="#990000" size="4" face="Times New Roman, Times, serif">Note:</font></em></strong><br />
    Unfortunately text compressed using this algorithm lose the structure that 
    normal zip algorithm used, so benefits from using ZLib functions on this text 
    will be reduced. </p>
  <p>There is another drawback, this algorithm working only on text from a given 
    language, it does not working fine on binary files like images or PDF.<br />


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