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<title>Convert keyboard language programmatically (English - Arabic)</title>


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<h2>Convert keyboard language programmatically (English - Arabic)</h2><br />

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      <span class="FirstChar">I</span>f you wrote an Arabic sentence while your keyboard stays 
      in English mode by mistake, you will get a non-sense English text on your PC screen. In 
      that case you can use this class to make a kind of magic conversion to swap that odd text 
      by original Arabic sentence you meant when you type on your keyboard.<br /><br />

      Please note that magic conversion in the opposite direction (if you type English sentences 
      while your keyboard stays in Arabic mode) is also available in this class, but it is not 
      reliable as much as previous case because in Arabic keyboard we have some keys provide a 
      shortcut to type two chars in one click (those keys include: b, B, G and T).<br /><br />
      Well, we try in this class to come over this issue by suppose that user used optimum way
      by using shortcut keys when available instead of assemble chars using stand alone keys,
      but if (s)he does not then you may have some typo chars in converted text.<br /><br />

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