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<title>Arabic Gender Guesser</title>


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<h2>Arabic Gender Guesser</h2><br />

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      <span class="FirstChar">A</span>rabic nouns are either masculine or feminine. Usually when referring
      to a male, a masculine noun is usually used and when referring to a female, a feminine noun is used. 
      In most cases the feminine noun is formed by adding a special characters to the
      end of the masculine noun.
      Its not just nouns referring to people that have gender. Inanimate objects (doors, houses, cars, etc.)
      is either masculine or feminine. Whether an inanimate noun is masculine or feminine is mostly arbitrary.

$names   = file('list.txt');
$charset = 'windows-1256';

$check = new ArGender($charset);

<table border="0" cellspacing="2" cellpadding="5" width="60%">
  <tr><td colspan="2"><b>Al Jazeera Reporters:</b></td></tr>
    <td bgcolor="#27509D" align="center" width="50%">
      <b><font color="#ffffff">Name (sample input)</font></b>
    <td bgcolor="#27509D" align="center" width="50%">
      <b><font color="#ffffff">Gender (auto generated)</font></b>

foreach($names as $name){
    if($check->isFemale($name) == true){ 
       $gender  = 'Female';
       $bgcolor = '#FFF0FF';
       $gender = 'Male';
       $bgcolor = '#E0F0FF';
    echo '<tr><td bgcolor="'.$bgcolor.'" align="center"><font face="Tahoma">'.$name.'</font></td>';
    echo '<td bgcolor="'.$bgcolor.'" align="center">'.$gender.'</td></tr>';


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