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 * Psprint test module
 * $Header: d:\cvs/classistd/aprint/psprint_test3.php,v 1.3 2005/02/13 21:02:40 Darvin Exp $
// Class setup. I set the title for the job

$p=new psprint("test_3","aprint_test3.php-1.2.0");

// Margins setup: top, bottom, and left
// Create the font to use for the header.
// Two fonts: one big, one normal
// $fnt1=$p->CreateFont("z003034l",720,360,800);
/* Now setup the header.
 * First array, the header is made by 3 rows,
 * Second array the font to use to each row.
 * I want use the big font for the first and third row.
$p->SetPageHeader(array("This is a simple",
                     "text used to test",
                     "the header"),
               array($fnt1,$fnt2,$fnt1)      // different font foe each row
// Draw some text
// Close the page
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