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 * Psprint test module
 * $Header: d:\cvs/classistd/aprint/psprint_test1.php,v 1.2 2005/02/13 20:29:29 Darvin Exp $

$p=new PSPrint("test_1","psprint_test1.php-1.1.5");
// Set the page size and orientation. This function must be called before to open the output
// file
// the file to write
// Paper margin
// the title, you may omit it
// and now the text.
$p->Text("Left text");
$p->Text("Center text",-1,AP_CENTER);
$p->Text("Right text",-1,AP_RIGHT);
// Set my own font ...
//... and use it
$p->Text("          Some text",$fnt);
// This text use the previuos used font
$p->Text("Some text");
$p->Text("Some text");
$p->Text("          Some text",$fnt);
$p->Text("Some text");
$p->Text("Some text");
$p->Text("Some text 90",$fnt);
// that's all!. Close the file and release it!
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