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AntiSpam Feedback

Version 1.0 - January 2007

Copyright (C) 2007 Dmitry Sheiko

	PHP version 4.1.x+ (http://www.php.net) 
	Works with UNIX and Windows both
SPAM becomes a real trouble of the epoch. Experts reckon 70% of all email messages in 2006 were SPAM . 
So the library allows creating a feedback form, which doesnÂ’t send message immediately. 
It sends notification to the author of the message and delivers the message to the receiver only 
if the author confirms his authorship. Therefore spamers will not able to send messages through the feedback form, 
because they never specify their real back email addresses. Besides, the form contains AJAX-based interface 
and graphical confirmation code generator. 

feedback.html - sample
asf_controller.php - controller
asf_confirm.php - confirmator
asf_gencode.php - graphical code generator
asf_gencode.jpg - graphical background of code generator
asf.js - JS library

How to install

1) Copy all files of AntiSPAM Feedback to a folder o your server
2) Set 777 access permission to this folder
3) Copy in HTML of your page:
		<script type="text/javascript" src="folder_address/asf.js"></script>
		<style> - section
		<form> - section
4) Change feedback email address define("FEEDBACKEMAIL", "hide@address.com"); in asf_confirm.php
5) Change confirmator script URL define("ASF_CONFIRM_URL", "http://site.com/asf_confirm.php"); in asf_controller.php

Yours sincerely,
Dmitry Sheiko,
senior web developer at Red Graphic Systems (www.redgraphic.com) 
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