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<div id="options">
	<h6 class="pane-title">Step 4: Additional Information and Options</h6>
	<p class="info-bar">The fields below are optional.</p>
	<p class="info-bar">You may send us additional information for us so we can accommodate you the best way we can.</p>
	<ul id="options-controls">
		<li> <input type="checkbox" id="smokers-roon" name="smokers-roon" /> <label for="smokers-roon">I would like accomodation in a smoker's room</label></li>
		<li> <input type="checkbox" id="children-under-five" name="children-under-five" /> <label for="children-under-five">I will come with children under the age of 5</label></li>
		<li> <input type="checkbox" id="pets" name="pets" /> <label for="pets">I bring pets with me</label></li>
		<li class="print-visible"> <label for="notes">Notes or additional requirements</label> <textarea id="notes"></textarea> </li>
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