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<div id="meals">
	<h6 class="pane-title">Step 3: Included Meals</h6>
	<p class="info-bar">Currently no meals are included in your booking. Please, select the checkbox with the meals of your choice.</p>
	<ul id="mealscheckboxgroup">
		<li> <input type="checkbox" name="breakfast" id="breakfast" value="breakfast|0" checked="checked" /> <label for="breakfast">Breakfast (included in the price of the room)</label> </li>
		<li> <input type="checkbox" name="lunch" id="lunch" value="lunch|20" /> <label for="lunch">Lunch (USD20)</label> </li>
		<li> <input type="checkbox" name="dinner" id="dinner" value="dinner|30" /> <label for="dinner">Dinner (USD30)</label> </li>
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