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11/November/2011 V1.1 Final
  fixed a security bug where allow attached to execute arbitrary php code
  introduce a way to protect any unwanted scripts from being accessed directly. 
  introduce much restrict filter to protect the system
  thanks for Zenphoto team and EgiX 
19/March/2011 V1.0 Final
  fixed an bug when JPEG not supported in php5.3. (suggested by corriou)
  Fixed an bug where the Https not supported. (suggested by radovar)
  Upgraded the ajax file uploader to Version 2.0, which enable the uploader to work on IE9 browser
  Upgraded the jquery to 1.5.1
  fixed invalid aspect ratio calculation  (suggested by paddymt)
  fixed an issue on enabling folder browser
  fixed an issue which stoping to switch cross different view on IE
  remove unneeded inline style (suggested by josha) 
  fixed an issue 
  restructe the css style to have the base style for all 
  Show the Image Dimension information (suggested by josha)
  Make the file/folder name clickable in details view (suggested by josha)
  Make the newly uploaded file clickable (suggested by sk12)
  add a flag (CONFIG_OPTIONS_SEARCH) to control if allow the user to have the search functionality on the screen. (suggested by andreus) 
  moved the close button to top right corner. 
  moved the file/folder information box to the bottom on right panel (suggested by andreus)
  fixed issue on toggling the select box on different view (suggested by josha)
  fixed issue where it is unable to download file in IE9
V1.0 RC5 
	Fixed an bug when integrating with FCKEditor, (suggested by versusms)
	Fixed an bug which may cause the client browser reloading (found by nobarcode)
	Fixed an bug where it willl submit the form when Enter key pressed (found by nobarcode)
	Fixed an bug where may create too many upload instance (suggged by nobarcode)
	Fixed an undefined error in the js when deleting files (sugged by nobarcode)
	Fixed an bug when deleted files with Safari (suggested by nobarcode)
	Fixed an bug when showing the details of selected file (suggested by nobarcode)
	Forced to clear up the folder name filed when creating a new folder (suggested by nobarcode)
	Fixed an undefined varilable in class.file.php (suggested by nobarcode)
	Removed the recalculation on the fiel size and date (suggested by nobarcode)
	Fixed an bug when retrieving the modify time  (suggested by nobarcode)
	Fixed a misspelled align in ajax_get_details_listing.php (suggested by nobarcode)
	Forced to clear up the file name when renaming a image (suggested by nobarcode)	
	fixed a bug on rotating image (suggested by nobarcode)
	fixed a bug on showing the selected file information (suggested by pith phunsaint)
	fixed a bug which was introduced by PHP5.3+ when managing images
	fixed a bug on the style sheet
	fixed a inconsistent php short cut issue

V1.0 RC4 fixed issues introduced by RC2, RC3
V1.0 RC3 
 Fixed a bug of calculating the pagination offset and limit (found by Steven)
 Updated the javascript to fckeditor
 amended those <? to be <?php (found by neo314)
 ammened those unclosed by ; (found by neo314)
 fixed some css bugs (found by neo314)
 enhance the function finding file real path (suggested by mygoggie2)
 fixed a bug when passing query string language (found by Debug )
 included a fix on the style for IE6 browser (fixed by Shavas)
 fixed the thickbox width which is too small to hold all texts when viewing small images(found by neo314)
 corrected the search function
V1.0 RC2
  added another flag CONFIG_LOAD_DOC_LATTER, it will load up documents after the whole html appears if on (suggested by mygoggie2)
  compressed all javascripts file into one file, large speed improvment on first load
  moved the clause of including class.auth.php file  on top of config
  fixed a bug of moving uploaded folder/files
  fixed a bug of determine the file type when moving folder
  fixed a bug of duplicate new folder input tag with same id when creating folder
  fixed a bug of misassigning element id when uploading files
  misconfig on rename functionality (found by mygoggie2)
  disabled clicking on Enter key to submit any forms  
  missconfiging element id when renaming upload files
  Unable to save edited image by Save As
  foced to set en as the default language if the specified language does not exist (suggested by mygoggie2)
  added another flag CONFIG_SYS_THUMBNAIL_VIEW_ENABLE in to remove thumbnail (suggested by Shavas)
  fixed an issue on rotating images under certain php5 env
  minor css changed to remove the unneeded X-scrollbar

**** v ****
- in multiple file mode, it's now possible to cancel the 'EA_file_close_callback' function. if the callback return false, the edited file won't be closed 
- bug fix: if no syntax was defined in the main init() function in multifile mode, the first time the text was not highlighted

**** v 0.7 ****
- it's now possible to edit multiple files into one instance of EditArea. This (sponsored by Jupiter) feature comes with: 
	* new EditAreaLoader.init()'s option: "is_multi_files": true
	* new editAreaLoader's functions: editAreaLoader.getCurrentFile(editArea_id), editAreaLoader.getFile(editArea_id, file_id), editAreaLoader.getAllFiles(editArea_id), editAreaLoader.openFile(editArea_id, file_infos), editAreaLoader.closeFile(editArea_id, file_id), editAreaLoader.setFileEditedMode(editArea_id, file_id, edited_mode)
	* new callabacks: EA_file_switch_on_callback, EA_file_switch_off_callback, EA_file_close_callback
- look likes Safari 3 is working with EditArea
- add spanish translation (thanks Garito)
- add slovak translation (thanks Gabriel Schwardy)
- add SQL syntax definition file (thanks to Philippe Lewicki)
- the syntax selection plugin has been integrated to editarea core and load only needed files (the plugins was loading all the possible syntax files...). Toolbar button name: "syntax_selection", comma separated available syntax list: "syntax_selection_allow"
- add a 'compression' option in edit_area_compressor.php that allow to set where the code should be compressed or just packed (simple packed mode usefull for debugging)
- the yellow area that indicate the current edited line is now blue
- bug fix: parenthesis matching was not working correctly if there where an "<" between parenthesis 
v1.0 RC1
  fixed unable to edit text/images (found by mygoggie2)
  added a standalone select button (suggested by Rosomak) 
  shorterlong name of new created/uploaded documents
  fixed the long name of directories break the search drown down menus (found by mygoggie2) 
  fixed the constructor function for session which may cause system dead (found by mygoggie2)
  remove no more used DIR_SESSION (suggested by mygoggie2)
  fixed the feature of CONFIG_SYS_VIEW_ONLY which doesn't function correctly (found by mygoggie2)
  ensure warning message issues shown up before any files get deleted
  ensure only one instance of popup window (suggested by mygoggie2)
  fixed the wrongly returned search results (fixed by Andr�� Silva)
  fixed the preview of any pdf in thickbox (fixed by Andr�� Silva)
v1.0 beta2
  fixed some misspelling issues (found by mygoggie2)
  add detailed comments to config.base.php (contributed by mygoggie2)
  fixed undefined DIR_SESSION (found by mygoggie2)
  fixed the change icon don't reflesh the corresponding status (found by mygoggie2)
  fixed treating file without extension as folder
  fixed don't stay on same page after hitting refresh (found by mygoggie2)
  fixed new folder css class misassignment
  reorganised the left column items (suggested by Andr�� Silva)
  fixed the issue of loading animation indicator missing when reading any folders (found by Andr�� Silva)
  fixed the issue of search don't change the information of subdir and files (found by Andr�� Silva)
  added permission config to disable individual actions, e.g. edit, delete, reanme (suggested by Andr�� Silva)
  fixed the issue the mouse over in new folder and upload file dont reflesh it as a hand (found by Andr�� Silva)
  changed isInvalidPattern function (contributed by Andr�� Silva)
  changed getFolderListing function (contributed by Andr�� Silva)
  other minor changes
V1.0 beta1
	changed the preg expression function to eregi() and supported mutliple regular expression -separated by ',' (suggested by shavas)
	replaced preview box with search box
	fixed a security bug
	rebuilt the html template and skin (contributed by Gabriel at 4v.com.br>)
	two views supported (details and thumbnails)
	context menu supported
	right-click to preview those supported fille types, otherwise force to download it
	double click to return the file url and close the window if integration with third party editors otherwise force to download it.
	multiple files uploadable	
	enhance the file download (by Andr�� Silva & iback)
8/Nov/2007 v0.9 
	files are sorted case-insensitive (found by asozzi)
	fixed a security bug with text editor (found by mygoggie2)
	add CONFIG_SYS_PATTERN_FORMAT switch to support regular expression pattern or comma delimited lists in config.base.php (suggested by mygoggie2)
	fixed a issue of all folders renamed as Uploaded under certain php version (great thanks to Shavas)	
	slideshow of a folder's images supported
8/Aug/2007 v0.8.8
	cleared up javascripts
7/Aug/2007 v0.8
	fxied a misspelling in english language pack (found by Hansemans)
	fixed the issue which the new created folders' name is unable to be updated
	add the ability to carry variables via url query string, which enable us to custom the file manager setting 						     according to passed variables (suggested by shavas).
	added save as function (suggested by shavas).
	enhance the ability of finding real path of any files
	add the ability to preview images in thumbnail rather than the original image (suggested by Hardy)
	fixed bugs in class.image php 
	fixed a bug when finding file extension in class.manager.php(found by owl)
	fixed a security bug which will let users to remove hidden files (found by owl)
	fixed a bug of validating uploaded file name in opera (suggested by Unknown)
	added class.auth.php as a kind of interface class for ease of customization.  
	added left click to preview and dobule click to download features
	media type of files (e.g movies, music) previewable
	text and source code files are editable now. 
	a large changes have been make  to config.base.php
		&&	another wonderful javascript text editor (edit area ) has been interated to implement text modification
		&&	official site: http://www.cdolivet.net/index.php?page=editArea
		&&	the developer welcomes any kinds of contributions
		&&	contact the developer now if you are good at javascript coding or willing to make your contribution
	lots of changes have been made toward to version 1.0
	compressed all javascripts(reduced 400% in size) and combined them into one single file (reduced lots of requests). 
10/July/2007 v0.7.10
	runable when short_open_tag is off (suggested by qube)
	upgrade jquery to
	fixed a bug with two nasty Double quotes in html (found by Valentin)
8/July/2007 v0.7.8
	added the ability to force the folder show on the top of list. see CONFIG_SYS_FOLDER_SHOWN_ON_TOP in config.base.php
	fixed the problem which the system does not recognise uppercase file extensions.
	fixed the undefined DIR_SESSION constant
2/July/2007 v0.7
       enhace the function to calculate the site root url
       fixed a bug with normal tinymce image selection (found by voloda)
       updated jquery to 1.1.3(released on 2/July/2007)
		according to the jquery changed notes:
		it imporved the prefomance 800% times

       minor changes
12/June/2007 v0.6.12
       fixed a security bug which is allowed any users to manage uploaded files outside of the defined system root folder

2/June/2007 v0.6
	a lot of improvements and features added
	rewrite and clean up most of functions
	advanced ajax image editor added
	theme supported
	multiple javascript content editors supported
	fixed a security bug which is allowed any users to change files to unexpected extensions
	1. function.base.php
	2. ajax_save_image_name.php
	3. language files

	fixed a security bug which is allowed any users to manage any files out of the system root folder
      	fixed a bug which unable to recursively delete folders
	make the popup window bigger to fix the silly IE toolbar
	files changed:
	 1. function.base.php
	 2. class.file.php
	 3. test.php
1/May/2007 first release v0.5
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