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 * This file uploads a file in the back end, without refreshing the page

if (isset($_POST['id'])) {
	//$uploadFile=$_GET['dirname']."/".$_FILES[$_POST['id']]['name']; for security reasons,  hardcode the name of the directrory.

	if(!is_dir($_GET['dirname'])) {
		echo '<script> alert("Failed to find the final upload directory: $dirName);</script>';
	if (!copy($_FILES[$_POST['id']]['tmp_name'], $dirName.'/'.md5($_FILES[$_POST['id']]['name'].".demo"))) {	
		echo '<script> alert("Failed to upload file");</script>';
else {
	// for secority reason either remove the extentions or rectrict uploaded not to upload / run scripts like file.php else they can misuse the disk space 
	//$uploadFile=$_GET['dirname']."/".$_GET['filename']; // removed for security reasons (happend with my demo )
	if (file_exists($uploadFile)) {
		echo "File uploaded. <a href='$uploadFile'>Open File</a> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href='deletefile.php?filename=".$uploadFile."'>Delete File</a>";	
	else {
		echo "<img src='loading.gif' alt='loading...' />";
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