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File:			update-state.ajax.php
Author: 		cbolson.com 
Script: 		availability calendar
Version: 		3.03
Url: 			http://www.ajaxavailabilitycalendar.com
Date Created: 	2010-02-06

Use:			Update item state in administration

Receives:		$_POST["cur_state"] 		- current item state (1 or 0)
				$_POST["type"]			- the db table
				$_POST["id_item"]		- id of item to modify
				$_POST["field"]			- state field (eg "state")

//	admin only access

// include common file for ajax settings
if(!file_exists($the_file)) die("<b>".$the_file."</b> not found");
else		require_once($the_file);

//	define vars
$cur_state	=	$_POST["cur_state"];
$table		=	$_POST["type"];
$id_item	=	$_POST["id_item"];
$field		=	$_POST["field"];

if($cur_state==1) 	$new_state=0;
else 				$new_state=1;

//	check we have data
if($cur_state=="") 	die("KO - cur state");
if($table=="") 		die("KO - type");
if($id_item=="") 	die("KO - id item");

$update="UPDATE ".$table." SET ".$field."='".$new_state."' WHERE id=".$id_item." LIMIT 1";
mysql_query($update) or die("Error updating state");
echo $new_state;
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