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$lang["month_01"]	=	"January";
$lang["month_02"]	=	"February";
$lang["month_03"]	=	"March";
$lang["month_04"]	=	"April";
$lang["month_05"]	=	"May";
$lang["month_06"]	=	"June";
$lang["month_07"]	=	"July";
$lang["month_08"]	=	"August";
$lang["month_09"]	=	"September";
$lang["month_10"]	=	"October";
$lang["month_11"]	=	"November";
$lang["month_12"]	=	"December";
$lang["day_0"]		=	"Sunday";
$lang["day_1"]		=	"Monday";
$lang["day_2"]		=	"Tuesday";
$lang["day_3"]		=	"Wednesday";
$lang["day_4"]		=	"Thursday";
$lang["day_5"]		=	"Friday";
$lang["day_6"]		=	"Saturday";
$lang["available"]	=	"Available";
$lang["legend"]		=	"Key";
$lang["prev_X_months"]	=	"Previous $numMonths months";
$lang["next_X_months"]	=	"Next $numMonths months";
$lang["inst_click_dates"]	=	"click on the dates to change the state";
$lang["admin_login"]		=	"Login";
$lang["admin_dashboard"]	=	"Dashboard";
$lang["admin_states"]		=	"Booking States";
$lang["admin_bookings"]		=	"Bookings";
$lang["admin_items"]		=	"Booking Items";
$lang["admin_config"]		=	"Calendar Configuration";
$lang["admin_reset"]		=	"Reset Calendar";
$lang["admin_profile"]		=	"Your Profile";
$lang["logout"]				=	"Logout";
$lang["see_web"]			=	"See Calendar";
$lang["admin_admin_users"]	=	"Admin Users";
$lang["username"]			=	"Username";
$lang["password"]			=	"Password";
$lang["title_add"]			=	"Add";
$lang["title_mod"]			=	"Modify";
$lang["title_delete"]		=	"Delete";
$lang["desc"]				=	"Description";
$lang["class"]				=	"CSS class";
$lang["bt_save_changes"]	=	"Save Changes";
$lang["bt_add"]				=	"Add";
$lang["bt_delete"]			=	"Delete";
$lang["msg_mod_OK"]			=	"Item modified successfully";
$lang["msg_mod_KO"]			=	"Item has NOT been modified";
$lang["msg_add_OK"]			=	"Item added successfully";
$lang["msg_add_KO"]			=	"Item has NOT been added";
$lang["msg_delete_OK"]		=	"Item has been deleted successfully";
$lang["msg_delete_KO"]		=	"Item has NOT been deleted";
$lang["select_item"]		=	"Select Item";
$lang["item_to_show"]		=	"Calendar Item";
$lang["item"]				=	"Calendar";
$lang["add_item_id"]		=	"New Item by ID";
$lang["bt_add_item"]		=	"Add Item";
$lang["bt_change_item"]		=	"Change Item";
$lang["bt_reset_calendar"]	=	"Reset Calendar";
$lang["yes"]				=	"Yes";
$lang["no"]					=	"No";
$lang["date_format"]		=	"Date Format";
$lang["date_format_us"]		=	"mm/dd/yyyy";
$lang["date_format_eu"]		=	"dd/mm/yyyy";
$lang["title"]				=	"Title";
$lang["cal_url"]			=	"Path to calendar from root";
$lang["note_cal_url"]		=	"eg- /calendar (no trailing slash)";
$lang["default_lang"]		=	"Default Language";
$lang["num_months"]			=	"Number of Months to Show";
$lang["start_day"]			=	"Start Day";
$lang["click_past_dates"]	=	"Past Dates active";
$lang["msg_new_cal_item_added"]	=	"Note - new items will only be added to the database when a date state is modified.";
$lang["warning_delete_confirm"]	=	"Are you sure that you want to delete this item?";
$lang["warning_reset_confirm"]	=	"Are you sure that you want to perform a complete reset on the calendar? - ALL DATA WILL BE LOST!";
$lang["id"]							=	"ID";
$lang["options"]					=	"Options";
$lang["password_repeat"]			=	"Repeat Password";
$lang["note_password_mod"]			=	"Only introduce the password data if you want to change it.";
$lang["note_user_calendar_only"]	=	"This user will only be able to control their own calendars";
$lang["warning_no_page_permission"]	="Page does not exist";
$lang["inst_drag"]					=	"Drag the items to change the order";
$lang["warning_no_calendar_items"]	=	"You have not added any calendar items yet.  Click on the button to add your calendar.";
$lang["warning_item_not_exist"]		=	"This item does not exist";
$lang["last_update"]			=	"Last updated";
$lang["admin_languages"]		=	"Languages";
$lang["language"]				=	"Language";
$lang["new_lang_code"]			=	"New language code (ISO)";
$lang["note_add_language"]		=	"Adding a new language will add the required fields to the database and copy the english language file ready to be translated.<br>Note - the language folder and files must have write permissions (chmod 777)";
$lang["warning_new_lang_confirm"]=	"Are you sure that you want to add a new language?\n This will alter the database and create a new language file.";

$lang["states_method_click_through"]	=	"click-through (cycle through all states)";
$lang["click_method"]	=	"Click Method";
$lang["inst_calendar_click"]	=	"click on the dates to change the state";
$lang["tip_add_new_item"]	=	"Add new Item";
$lang["tip_edit_item"]	=	"Edit this item";
$lang["tip_add_new_state"]	=	"Add new State";
$lang["tip_delete_item"]	=	"Delete this item";
$lang["tip_see_item_calendar"]	= "See calendar for this item";
$lang["drag_to_order"]		=	"Drag here to change item order";
$lang["msg_warning"]		=	"Information:";
$lang["msg_order_update_OK"]=	"Item Order modified";
$lang["msg_order_update_KO"]=	"Unable to modify Item Order";
$lang["msg_state_mod_OK"]	=	"Item State modified";
$lang["msg_state_mod_KO"]	=	"Unable to modify Item State";
$lang["click_update_state"]	=	"Click to update the Item State";
$lang["id_ref_external"]	=	"External Item ID";
$lang["note_id_ref_external"]=	"Optional - to reference item to existing items database table";
$lang["theme"]	=	"Calendar Theme";
$lang["item_modified"]	=	"modified";
$lang["item_added"]	=	"added";
$lang["warning_no_active_items"]="You have no active calendar items for which to show the calendar.";

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