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/ *************************************************************************************************
// Title: 			PHP AGTC-FORM MAILER v2.0a
// Developed by: 	Andy Greenhalgh
// Email:			hide@address.com
// Website:			agtc.co.uk
// Copyright:		2005-2006(C)Andy Greenhalgh - (AGTC)
// Licence:			GPL - Copyright notices must remain 
// *************************************************************************************************

Hi, thank you for downloading AGTC-PHP Form Mailer.

You should have in your folder the files below:


Copy the file above to your main server folder.

Form mailer v2.0a is a secure configureable form that you can use integrate into your website very easily.
There are some form fields that can be optional which you can use or remove from the user form when running install.php
The form has spam checking and form field validation checks, which if incorrect give a good indication to the
user as to where they have gone wrong. 
Try just clicking submit without filling in the fields.???

To configure Form Mailer run install.php in your browser and fill in the set-up form with the details as required.

Click install to save your information.

Once you have run install.php and your form fields are set-up and correct, delete install.php then add a link to your website to contact.php

Anyone sending a mail form from your site will be sent to your choosen email address.

Enjoy, have fun, tell your friends and add a link to AGTC to your site.

If you have any technical queries please email hide@address.com we will respond as soon as possible.

Andy (AGTC)

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