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// *************************************************************************************************
// Title: 			PHP AGTC-CSV Upload Script v1.0a
// Developed by: 	Andy Greenhalgh
// Email:			hide@address.com
// Website:			agtc.co.uk
// Copyright:		2004-2005-2006(C)Andy Greenhalgh - (AGTC)
// Licence:			GPL, You may use this software under the terms of this General Public License
//					You must leave the copyrights intact. You cannot sell or distribute.
// *************************************************************************************************
// Refer to README.html for instructions on how to configure this file with your Mysql database info
$dbhost = "localhost";
$dbuser = "dbusername";
$dbpassword = "dbpassword";
$dbname = "dbname";

// Do not edit below this line
mysql_connect($dbhost, $dbuser, $dbpassword) or die ("ERROR: Could not connect to the database");

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