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 * AfterLogic Admin Panel by AfterLogic Corp. <hide@address.com>
 * Copyright (C) 2002-2010  AfterLogic Corp. (www.afterlogic.com)
 * Distributed under the terms of the license described in LICENSE.txt

	define('CM_MODE_LICENSE', 'license');
	define('CM_MODE_ENABLE', 'enable');
	define('CM_MODE_AUTH', 'auth');
	/* langs */
	define('CM_TABNAME_LICENSE', 'License Key Settings');
	define('CM_TABNAME_ENABLE', 'Additional Options');
	define('CM_TABNAME_AUTH', 'Authentication Settings');
	define('CM_INFO_SAVESUCCESSFUL', 'Saved successfully.');
	define('CM_INFO_SAVEUNSUCCESSFUL', 'Failed to save.');
	define('CM_INFO_ERROR', 'Error');
	define('CM_INFO_LOGCLEARSUCCESSFUL', 'Log cleared successfully.');
	define('CM_NOT_ENOUGH_DATA_FILENOTEXIST', 'Path to '.AP_LANG_NAME.' data folder is incorrect as file "'.AP_XML_CFG_FILE.'" is not found.');
	define('CM_NOT_ENOUGH_DATA_PATH', AP_LANG_NAME.' data folder path should be specified in "'.AP_CFG_FILE.'" config file.');
	define('CM_NOT_ENOUGH_DATA_FOR_LOGIN', 'Some settings required for logging in are missing in '.AP_LANG_NAME.' config file.');
	define('CM_FILE_ERROR_OCCURRED', 'Failed to access "'.AP_XML_CFG_FILE.'" config file.');
	define('CM_ENTER_VALID_KEY_HERE', 'Please specify trial or permanent license key here.');
	define('CM_ENTER_VALID_KEY', 'Please specify valid license key.');
	define('CM_FAILED_SAVE_SETTINGS', 'Failed to save settings.');
	define('CM_PASSWORDS_NOT_MATCH', 'The password and its confirmation don\'t match.');
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