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<h1>Server Integration</h1>
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<dt>Enable Integration</dt>
<dd>Allows managing accounts on AfterLogic XMail Server from AfterLogic WebMail Lite.</dd>
<dt>Path to Server</dt>
<dd>Path to the MailRoot folder of AfterLogic XMail Server in your system, for instance C:\Program Files\XMail\MailRoot\.</dd>
<dt>Server Host</dt>
<dd>IP address or hostname where AfterLogic XMail Server is installed and running.</dd>
<dt>Allow users to manage accounts on AfterLogic XMail Server</dt>
<dd>If a user adds or removes a linked account in his primary account settings and domain part of this account matches any of your domains hosted by AfterLogic XMail Server, this account will be added/removed on AfterLogic XMail Server.</dd>
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