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<h1>Login Settings</h1>
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<dt>Standard Login Panel</dt>
<dd>All fields are displayed (email, login, password).</dd>
<dt>Hide login field</dt>
<dd>Hide login field and take it from email:<br><br>
	<b>Use Email as Login</b> - whole email address is used as login (e.g. if email is hide@address.com, login will be hide@address.com)<br><br>
	<b>Use Account Name as Login</b> - truncate email address from "@" and use the remainder (e.g. if email is hide@address.com, login will be jdoe)
<dt>Hide email field</dt>
<dd>Hide Email field and build e-mail address from login field and, optionally, from domain<br><br>
   <b>Display Domain After Login Field</b> - on login form, "@"domain will be displayed after login field. This parameter affects only visual look of login panel. Decision on how to build login or email address is not altered.
   <b>Login as concatenation of "Login" field + "@" + domain.</b> If ticked, WebMail will construct email account login as concatenation of Login field contents + "@" + domain. You should use this if logins on your mail server look like hide@address.com (i.e. they are the same as email address). Do NOT use this option if logins look like jdoe (e.g. just account name, without domain). 

<dt>Allow choosing language on login</dt>
<dd>Shows or hides dropdown list with languages on login page where user can choose necessary language of user interface before logging in.</dd>

<dt>Allow advanced login</dt>
<dd>If checked, clients of the WebMail system will be able to use the system with POP3/IMAP4/SMTP servers different from specified in POP3/IMAP4/SMTP Server settings.</dd>
<dt>Automatically detect and correct if user inputs e-mail instead of account-name.</dt>
<dd>Allow WebMail to detect and fix when user inputs email instead of login, or login instead of email, and it's possible to determine correct login or e-mail from typed. Example: if user inputs full email address in Login field (while only account name is expected), WebMail will automatically drop @domain part.</dd>
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