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<h1>Interface Settings</h1>
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	<dt>Mails per page</dt>
	<dd>Mail list is divided into pages. Each page holds specified number of mail messages to display.</dd>
	<dt>Default skin</dt>
	<dd>Specifies default skin for WebMail appearance.</dd>
	<dt>Allow users to change skin</dt>
	<dd>Specifies if users are allowed to change skin of WebMail appearance.</dd>
	<dt>Default language</dt>
	<dd>Default interface language.</dd>
	<dt>Allow users to change interface language</dt>
    <dd>Permission to change interface language by users.</dd>
	<dt>Show text labels</dt>
	<dd>If checked, text labels will be displayed for the icons on toolbars.</dd>
	<dt>Allow AJAX Version</dt>
	<dd>If checked, AJAX interface will be enabled.</dd>
	<dt>Allow DHTML editor</dt>
    <dd>If checked, allows users to compose messages in HTML mode.</dd>
	<dt>Allow Contacts</dt>
    <dd>Enables contacts (address book) module.</dd>
	<dt class="disabled">Allow Calendar</dt>
    <dd class="disabled">Enables calendar (scheduling) module.</dd>
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