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require_once 'stnc_userAgent.php';//class
//echo $_SERVER [ "HTTP_USER_AGENT" ];
$detector =new detector($_SERVER [ "HTTP_USER_AGENT" ] );//new object creator		

echo '<font color="red">Browser Detector</font> <br>'; 
echo $detector-> browser ; 
echo '<br>';
echo $detector->basic_browser;
echo '<br>';
echo $detector->mobile_browser; 
echo '<br>';
echo $detector-> vip_bot;  
echo '<br>';
echo $detector->robot; 
echo '<br>';
echo $detector-> operating_system;
echo '<br>';
echo $detector-> browser_lang;
echo '<br>';

if ($detector->mobile_browser=="Apple iPhone")
echo 'Apple iPhone user<br>';
//header("Location: http://touch.facebook.com"); //example

echo '<font color="red">****ACTIONS************ </font> <br>'; 
 if ($detector->is_mobile)
 echo 'this is mobil browser --> '.$detector->mobile_browser.'<br>'; 
  if ($detector->is_browser)
   echo 'browser versiyon --> '.$detector-> browser.'<br>' ; 
  if ($detector->is_vip_bot)
   echo 'vip boot is --> '.$detector-> vip_bot.'<br>'; 
  if ($detector->is_robot)
   echo 'Boot is -->'.$detector->robot.'<br>';  

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