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	* @author Bulent Tezcan. hide@address.com

	require_once "Dump.class.php";

	$d = new Dump ( );

	# try the following methods to see how things change...
	# ------------------------------------------------------

	# $d->resetSessionData ( );  // call this method to reset Session Data

	# $d->setRefresh($value); // By default it is set to 4, change it to your liking

	# $d->setPopupWidth($value); // This will change the popup window's width

	# $d->setPopupHeight($value); // This will change the popup window's height

	for ($i=0; $i < 5; $i++)
		$d->assignData('test_string-'.$i, rand(1,time()));


	echo "<h3>Please refresh this page to see how it works..</h3>";
	echo "<h3>After four times it will reset to zero.</h3><hr>";
	echo "<h3>The Popup window shows all the variables we dumped so far. We keep them in the session, and it gets cleared after {n} times defined in the class, you can change it according to your needs.</h3><hr>";

	echo $d->getHtml();
	return true;
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